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Gerris is a skillful balance between fashion and pursuit of trends, and a passion for physical activity and enjoying life. Gerris is the unquestionable ability to look ahead, observe trends in the high-fashion world and select collections available on the market. We appreciate unique, original designs, but we also trust tradition - elegant and timeless solutions. In our stationary stores and online store there are over 150 premium brands - from the highest world shelf. We appreciate Italian design and style, German precision, Japanese advanced technology. Fashion at Gerris is the highest quality of workmanship and unique, modern design, consistent collections that fit into the prevailing trends and tendencies in the fashion world.


We are one of the leading e-commerce platforms for buying branded clothes online, we want our extensive experience to pay off trust from customers, leaving them willing to come back to us.


The establishment of our company officially dates to 2014, but the launch of operations was preceded by several months of preparation. For a long time before opening, we gained the knowledge and skills necessary to create an online store at the highest professional level. A thorough understanding of issues and expectations from our clients is our motivation. We have implemented state-of-the-art order handling systems, thanks to which online shopping on our website has never been so convenient in any other store.


What makes us different: when you buy from us you will find a style that you won't find elsewhere. Every day we are looking for new products to provide a wide selection to our customers. We guarantee the lowest prices for the best quality. We treat it as our promises.


Our store specializes in men's and women's fashion, you'll find both branded products of world designers and those less known brands but also specially selected products by our team that are designed to provide you comfort in everyday life. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible service - and improve it every day.

We proudly serve clients from all over Europe . We believe that fashion is a business of optimism and we are still developing in this spirit. Free shipping and free returns, mobile shopping and exciting new partnerships in retail offer us further opportunities to serve more customers in many ways thanks to fresh, relevant shopping experience and inspiring style. Our commitment to satisfied customers.



ul. Fryderka Chopina 41 lok.2

20-233 Lublin, Lubelskie Polska

NIP: PL9462655786

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